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While the

Iron's Hot
Our trailblazing new initiative, exclusively designed to equip small business owners, like you, with the flash, firepower and fine-tuning you need to reignite your brand.

With CampFire GVL in your corner, you’ll enjoy unlimited insider knowledge into today’s hottest trends, digital-first innovations and integrated, industry insights.

Brian Stearns

Meet Brian

Brian founded CampFire to offer support to top consumer brands, as well as entrepreneurs and inventors in getting their products placed at major retailers.

Marco Carrizales

Meet Marco

As a co-founder of CampFire, Marco Carrizales brings his expertise from over half a decade in marketing to help local brands succeed. With his skills in sales, business growth, and understanding of the retail industry, Marco knows what it takes to move the needle and bring businesses into the spotlight they deserve.

Richard Carrizales

Meet Richard

Richard Carrizales is a highly experienced marketing and advertising professional with over a decade of expertise across various disciplines. Having played a pivotal role in the growth of small businesses from Dallas to Greenville, Richard is dedicated to helping businesses thrive and achieve marketing success.

Marne Franklin

Meet Marne

Marne Franklin has over 20 years of media and marketing experience with a specialty in digital and interactive strategies.

Haley McCloskey

Meet Haley

Haley, the Director at CampFire, is a passionate advocate for small businesses. With a diverse background in photography, marketing, and non-profits, she brings a unique blend of skills to help small businesses succeed. Her servant-minded leadership aims to empower small businesses not only to succeed but to positively influence the Greenville community. She will be your number-one cheerleader and biggest fan. Her dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to thrive and make a lasting impact.

James Wilson

Meet james

After completing his studies at the University of South Carolina, James ignited his true passion for enhancing and uplifting clients' social media presence. He thrives on staying updated with the latest trends and excels at creating engaging content. James approaches each client with a dedicated strategy, ensuring their social media game is elevated to new heights.

Santi Cano

Meet Santi

Meet Santi, our Account Manager, infusing a personal touch into the business scene. Balancing work and school life, he’s diving into the world of marketing, applying lessons learned in real-time. Santi’s passion lies in making reports, building client bonds, and ensuring a happy marketing environment for everyone.

Joanne Nguyen

Meet Joanne

Joanne is excited to bring her creative background in photography, ux design, and content creation to the team as creative coordinator. Her love for helping small businesses and cultivating human connection and relationships within a community will be a big asset to this team.

Lauren Robirds

Meet Lauren

Lauren Robirds is a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing, specializing in meeting client needs and driving successful advertising campaigns, email marketing strategies, and web development initiatives. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she serves as the Director of Digital Marketing, leading her team to deliver exceptional results for clients across various industries.

Adam Moser

Meet Adam

Adam Moser is passionate about fostering growth, building relationships, and driving innovation within the CampFire organization. With over half a decade of sales experience, he plays a pivotal role in expanding CampFireGVL's reach and impact. Both Adam’s experience and education have prepared him for growing CampFire’s connections within the Greenville community, displaying new internal processes, and providing a seamless onboarding experience.

Jackson King

Meet Jackson

Add-On Services

Fireside Chats:


This social media course (or courses) includes lunch and a 2-hour high-level overview of how to best utilize each platform. This one-on-one presentation is tailored to your business and will provide greater insight to the social world. 

Photo / Video Package:


This package includes a photoshoot of your choice as well as a promotional video. The video length ranges from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute. 

Informational Video:


This 2-3 minute video highlights the services your business offers, testimonials, etc. 

Web Design:


Cost depends completely on if you need a touch up or overhaul of the website. 

*We can work with clients of almost any size. At CampFire GVL, we understand that budgets can be tight with small businesses. After all, we’re a small business too! 


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